See it happening

Verlo Suceder

Whenever you feel stressed or stuck with a new skill you’d like to have, it’s good to “see it happening”.

If you’ve ever been to virtually any part of Latin America you know how chaotic traffic can be. I remember when I was in my late teens learning how to drive, I was really stressed with the insane heavy traffic while at the same time trying to keep my car in once piece.

I remember how, every time I got in the car, I felt stressed and unable to concentrate and relax and wondered if everyone drives like this.

Then it hit me, I remembered the little sister of a good friend of mine, she must have been around 15 years old and she seemed like an OK driver, going to all sorts of places and it didn’t seem like she was struggling while driving.

I also realized she didn’t have any particular skill or ability that I didn’t have so I figured she has just been doing this for longer than I have.

So I figured then and there, if she was able to do why wouldn’t I?

That made me immediately relax and just trust the process and give it time.

Whenever we might feel stuck or uncomfortable in a new endeavor, it’s a good idea to look at others, not to compare yourself, but just to see another regular Joe making possible. Think of it as what’s soon to come to you.